Become a Member

Here at HRS we are always looking for new members. Whether you want to
present a show, assist with the day-to-day running of the station, or help us to
raise funds for and awareness of the station we’d love to hear from you.

We offer training across a wide range of skills including presentation skills,
operating the mixing desk, and making programmes & jingles. Some presenters
who trained with us have even gained paid employment with commercial radio

If you are interested in joining a friendly group of radio and music enthusiasts
and would like to be involved in volunteering, please contact us.



All newcomers must complete the training programme successfully and be
accepted by the Trustees before being allowed to become a member.

Please note that completing the training programme successfully does not
necessarily mean you will be suitable as a presenter.

The training programme comprises one two hourly session per week over a
number of weeks and training is provided by the Trustees.

When your training is complete you will be interviewed by the Voluntary
Services Manager and a Criminal Records Bureau check completed now
known as a DBS.

Until the DBS is complete and you have been issued with a security pass
you are only allowed in the HRS studios accompanied by another member.

We do require that our members pay a small annual subscription. This is due at the AGM in January each year.